5 Get-Happy Tips



Happiness is a choice even when it doesn’t seem like it. This is especially true when things just aren’t going your way — because life can downright suck some days. It’s easy to find yourself in a foul mood when these types of unexpected incidences occur. But trying to keep a positive attitude will not only make you more enjoyable to be around, it can also help your health. One study found that people who reported feelings of optimism and high self-esteem were less likely to get sick than those who reported negative emotions.


If you need some help turning your frown upside down, then look no further than this short list of academically verified ways that gurus recommend pursuing a positive outlook for yourself:


  1. Make happiness a routine.


Sounds counter-intuitive doesn’t it? Well, sense no one can make you miserable but yourself, then it stands to reason that the catalyst for happiness for yourself is you as well. So make a bound and determined effort to instill a little joy into your daily living, get up in the morning with an intentional attitude for being positive throughout your day, and write down goals that solidify that sense of purpose and resolve within yourself, you may just surprise yourself how effective a little positive self-cheerleading can be to push you through the day and toward your broader goals.


2. Connect with someone.


Community is as human as it gets, and it’s positively crucial for a healthy life and self-image. Share time with a buddy to get a mood boost, whether it’s connecting via phone, email, or even better, an in-person get together. So break bread with friends, cuddle up by a campfire over smores, go on that first date you’ve been chomping at the bit to do, and reach out to the lonely to give them a sense of support they may be desperate to receive.


3. Be affirmative with yourself.


We are all the product of the habits that we form for ourselves, and breaking bad ones is especially challenging. But by choosing to affirm positive things to ourselves provides a constant positive reinforcement in our own delicate psyches that we have worth and purpose. After all, if we can’t root for ourselves then how can we possibly think with any sound sense of reason that other people should be advocating for us in our stead?


4. Be of service to others.


Remember how you felt the last time you selflessly helped someone? They were probably extremely grateful and made you feel that your effort was appreciated. Generosity is a source of ignition for personal happiness and for projecting it out int society as a gift for others. This that give of themselves find greater self-satisfaction and a sense of investment in the well being of those around them, the instant ROI being a sense of community and camaraderie that is built by being proactive within the lives of other people in a purposeful and kind way.


5. Stay positive in the fact of the negative.


You have the power to refrain from joining in group negativity or surrendering yourself over to negative thoughts. Repeating a positive mantra out loud or in your head can remind you of specific happiness goals or help keep you levelheaded when the going gets tough. By being the garnet of change that you seek, you have the empowering ability to steer your own life away from the proverbial rocks and back out to sea.


Happy people don’t gossip about others, that’s a trait for the bitter and those obsessed by the politics of envy or comparison of their own lives with others. Those truly content in themselves have no time for petty comparisons, and happy people aren’t fulfilled by tearing down others, no matter how temporally tempting it may be to do. 


So choose this day to be the positive influence in your own life you wish you could find outside yourself, because by internalizing positivity you’ll project a demeanor of happiness that could very well inspire a chain reaction in all of those around you. 


People that are truly intent on being content posses the willpower to advance beyond negative circumstances with the promise that brighter days lie just ahead. And perseverance through rough times is an essential aspect of happiness, it says that you are not defined by your circumstances, that they’re merely a condition you’re dealign with for now and you are determined to move on as soon as you you’re able to do so.


Happiness is a state of mind that is actively lived out in daily living by positivity and kindness, and by choosing positivity and kindness you aspire to be the very picture of contentment you wish your life to reflect in the first place.