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Here are some testimonials taken from various platforms where we have done work. We have been very gifted to have some really nice clients who have liked our work, and have been good enough to give us some really nice feedback!
  • Bsystem (Singapore) Project 1 & 2 - Batch of 25 articles in 15 days - 07-10-2009 - Rating:10 Comments: He have finish another very good project for me again . He is a real good people to work with , Fast work and the work project is the best . will always use him in future to work on my project.
  • Fabio (Brazil) - Blog Writing - Regular blog writing and posting. Rating:10 Comments: Really good job. I recommend. A++
  • M Murren (US) 21 Keyword Optimized Articles in 7 days 07-10-2007 Rating:10 Comments: Great work and on time.
  • GFDLtd.: Regular provider - E-books, web content and article work - 02-07-2010 - Rating:10 Comments: Definitely a person you can trust to hand your work. Articles on time with good quality! Good work!
  • tex001: Full Time Writer Required To Work On Our Soul Music Blog! -  04-15-2009 - Rating:10 Comments: Once again Bhavesh has done an excellent job and I continue to use him every month for my blog writing and content creation. I just hope he will have the time to do my projects before others realize just how good he is and overwhelms him with work.




Please feel free to browse through our samples on various categories. These are but a few of the samples in our database. Feel free to ask us for more samples at any time. After all, it's your right as a potential customer to know the quality of the product before you buy it!

We hope you like these samples. Please let us know if we've missed something  or you feel there is something we can add to this section. We believe that the pursuit of excellence is a continuous process, and it is only through experience that one can attain greater heights of near perfection. This is why we are always open to suggestions. Your needs are always first for us. Hope you are Positively Content with these samples! :)

Content Writing
Here are a couple of samples for some content writing work done by us earlier. They are on different topics for you to ascertain our range and quality of work for these articles.


Here is a sample of an e-book written by us for a client. The e-book has been truncated for copyright reasons. We are very particular about copyrights, and never repeat or copy work done for a client anywhere else. We believe that there is no need to plagiarize - we feel we have the skills required to do original work. That's why we always provide original work. Here's the sample on Punk Hairstyles.

Reports & Reviews

We have many clients who need specialized reports and reviews with extensive research done for these reports. Here are a few reports and reviews we have done earlier for a few clients. One is a report on Gold, while the other is a short version of a review done on Dr. Vitale. They range from the simple to the more technical.


Hope this section was helpful. If you need more current samples, do get in touch with us and we will get back to you promptly!

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